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We create the most comprehensive solutions for our clients that have been designed after a lot of careful planning and research. We offer complete solutions that take care of everything from software development needs to consulting services.

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100% of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience.

In this age of cutting edge technological development and global business practices, it takes more than just a good idea to make your mark. Organizations are quickly evolving and so are their needs. Creating a successful product requires a unique vision, an understanding of how the customer thinks and functions, experience, and the capability to combine all of this into a package that is easy to use and looks good. The product not only has to work well, it also needs to look elegant and require the least amount of training to master.

At OnDemand , we create the most comprehensive solutions for our clients that have been designed after a lot of careful planning and research. We perform feasibility tests on all our products to ascertain their suitability to a client’s needs. We offer complete solutions that take care of everything from software development needs to consulting services. We create products keeping factors like cost and security in mind and work extensively to ensure only the highest standards for every product. We use the latest technologies at our disposal to provide our customers with services that cater to their every requirement.

At OnDemand , we have perfected the process of application and website development that allows us to design products in the most streamlined way and requiring the least amount of time. We have created special custom packages making use of the latest technological advances that are at our disposal to create a unique way of developing applications and websites. We provide product maintenance services as well as staff augmentation. We provide training to the employees of our clients in the proper use of our products to maximize efficiency.

We use our expertise in handling complicated projects, our developer’s proficiency with the latest technologies and our unique approach to combining our strengths in such a fashion, so as to be the only service you require for your business.

Advantages of Opting for OnDemand ’s Services

We create products that fulfill all the needs of the client.
We specialize in complicated products and time critical projects.
An established work structure for creating applications in the most efficient possible way.
An experience work force that is the best in the industry.

At OnDemand , we specialize in the development of mobile applications that are optimized for handling held devices and have an interactive and easy to use UI.

Processes and Policies of OnDemand

At OnDemand , we have a very precise approach to creating complete solutions. We combine theoretical with the practical to create never seen before products. Our approach to product creation can be explained as

A detailed requirement analysis to ascertain key goals.
Creation of Databases for Management of application ata and data configuration.
Project development following our unique development model.
Prototype testing and recalibration.
Comprehensive testing to ascertain the highest standards of quality.
Project deployment and Maintenance of the project.

Our rigid development procedures allow us to create quality products in a cost effective fashion. We ensure that our solutions have the minimum complexities and adhered to global standards. We enforce strict timelines and all projects are completed well before deadlines. We’ve optimized our development process to be as time effective as possible. We have the leading industry experts working closely with or designing team on our client’s project. We make sure to allow our developers the creative freedom to tinker with the products as this has been proved to be an effective strategy to increase creativity and potentially introduce fresh ideas and solutions.

At OnDemand , we strongly believe in having good work ethics and fair business practices. We create highly dynamic products for our clients that have every required feature and perform according to the specifications of the project. We always strive to complete each project well before the project deadline, leaving us with enough time to thoroughly test it. We educate the client in the latest technologies and ensure that they understand what exactly can happen when business solutions are not created and handled properly. We train our client’s employees in the proper usage of our solutions Not only does this reduce downtime for a company, but it also increases their overall productivity as well. Our products are optimized to the client’s needs and adhere to the highest standards of quality.

OnDemand Offers the Following Services:

Application Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Web Development
Web Design


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Application Development

In the past few years, the software market has exploded. Most companies these days want a custom application built for their specific problem. The app craze has been accelerated by devices such as Android, Blackberry, and many other mobile Smartphone’s. Having an app for your business or promotion or whatever it may be can be a game changing marketing tool to drive traffic and revenue. Application development or software development is the development of a software product. The term "application development" can also be used to refer to the activity of computer programming. Programming involves writing and maintaining the source code, but it can also mean everything that is involved between the conceptions of an idea for software to the production of a prototype of the final software. Application development work includes research for an idea, development, creation of a prototype, modification as per feedback from the client and maintenance.

Software can be developed for a number of objectives. Usually these are limited to designing a product to meet specific needs of a client (customized software’s), to meet the anticipated needs of potential users (the case with commercial and open source software), or for one’s own personal use (e.g. A programmer might write a code to automate some mundane task). Embedded software development involves the development and production of embedded software which are usually used for the purpose of controlling consumer products, usually requires the development process to be coordinated with the development of hardware product.

The Usual Approach to Application Development Involves the Following Steps

Analyzing the problem
Market research
Gathering details regarding requirements
Making a comprehensive design for the product
Implementation (coding) of the software
Testing the software
Maintenance and bug fixing

At OnDemand , we offer cost effective and high quality application development solutions to our clients. We ensure that our clients get exactly what they demand by analyzing their requirements, designing prototypes and then continuously tweaking them until they exactly fits the client specifications. We have a seasoned group of developers who are proficient in

Web Application Development
Application Development
E-commerce Applications
Content Management System
Internet Portal applications
Mobile Application development
Mobile web Application Development

At OnDemand , we specialize in the development of client-server application programs and robust enterprise applications with user-friendly interfaces.

Technical Expertise

Considering the kind of work we do, we have at any given moment a number of projects that use a diverse set of technologies. We excel in web development, Smartphone app development, web app development and projects involving database management. Having broad cross-domain experience to understand and optimize customer's business processes. We thoroughly study the customer specific needs and build solutions that fulfill those needs. We leverage the full potential of available technologies to deliver products that have the optimal cost/performance ratio. We regularly work on complex and time critical projects that require a lot of tinkering around to get the desired results. Our developers love a challenge and continually strive to outdo themselves. We combine project management practices with development methodologies to ensure that we always have a product that is on-time and within the budget that was allocated to us.

Our developers work in languages like Java, PHP, C#, Objective-C and J#. We employ technologies like .NET, Java, PHP to create a wide array of products spread across several domains. This includes web application development and web designing for clients ranging from start-ups to huge corporations. We offer a wide spectrum of services

High-traffic scalable web solutions
Advanced e-commerce solutions
Dynamic web sites

Working Technologies Include

Languages: Java, PHP, C#, Objective-C, J#, J script, Visual BASIC and Visual C
Software: Microsoft Visual Studio, Tom Cat, Microsoft Server 2008, Apache, MySQL
Platforms: Windows, UNIX, Mac OS X

At OnDemand , we take on application development projects that are innovatively trying to provide solutions to some of the most complex problems that plague a business. Our skilled development practices and high work ethics guarantee successful resolutions for every project that we undertake. We like to know that we’re making a difference and thus always try to give it out very best.
We provide end to end flexible advanced application development solutions and services. With an experienced group of developers with varied technical expertise, we build exceptional applications using the latest technologies.


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Mobile Development

The increase in the use of smart phones with hardware specifications that surpass computer specifications from a few years ago, creating applications for mobile phones is the next big thing. Constant connectivity means that people use their Smartphone’s for most things instead of turning on their laptops and PCs. With popular mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Blackberry registers a combined application download count of 100 billion it is quite easy to guess that this is a very huge market that is still getting bigger.

At OnDemand , we offer mobile development services for a variety of mobile devices available in the market like the iPhone, iPad, Android phones etc. Today’s end users require mobile applications with optimized performance and least resource usage. We develop the best performing applications with intuitive UIs to satisfy all of our client’s requirements. Our Mobile Development expertise includes

iPhone Mobile Application Development
Android Application Development based on the Google SDK
Blackberry OS10 based Mobile Application Development
Symbian v3 and v5 based Mobile Application Development
Windows Mobile OS Application Development
Multi platform Mobile Application Development
Porting applications from one platform into another

At OnDemand , we specialize in the development of mobile applications that are optimized for handling held devices and have an interactive and easy to use UI.

Get and Edge Over the Competition With Customized Mobile Applications for Your Business

Mobile application development is the next big frontier. Every business wants a mobile application on all common platforms so that their customers can be connected to them 24 x 7. On an average a person spends 2 hours daily on their laptops whereas they spend a total 4 hours using their mobile phones for purposes other than calling other people. We check our phones constantly and use it regularly to connect to the internet. In such a scenario having a mobile application for your business means that your customers will use your services more often.

At OnDemand , we design customized mobile applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Java platforms. This means that we’re a one stop solution for all of your mobile application development needs.

iOS is the name of the OS that Apple Inc developed. It is used by the iPhone series of devices. iPhones are currently the most recognizable brand of Smartphone’s anywhere in the world. We offer premium apps that work flawlessly and look beautiful for iPhones and other devices that use iOS like iPads and iPods.

Android is the most popular mobile OS today with over half the market under its control. Android apps are highly customizable and allow for functionalities that are limited only by your imagination. Android imposes no restrictions on their OS access and thus apps can be developed to use the very latest features.

Blackberry is the premium business phone. It is famous for its always connected functionality and highly secure enterprise level mail and VPN solutions.

Windows Phones have recently started gaining popularity after the hardware giant Nokia made an exclusive deal with Microsoft to manufacture phones exclusively for Windows Phones OS. Its app store is quickly getting populated and is becoming a favorite amongst the businesses who want to switch from Blackberry.

Our developers work using languages like Java, Objective-C, C and make use of all the latest software and frameworks that are at our disposal to produce mobile applications that are of the highest quality. We offer mobile application development services that are suitable for everyone from start-ups to huge corporations. We have extensive development experience in creating

Interactive customized mobile apps for businesses
Mobile games
Apps for Ecommerce websites
Interactive business apps that make your life a little easier
Porting Android apps to iOS
Porting Android apps for Windows Phone and Blackberry
Porting iOS aps to Windows and Blackberry environment
Porting iOS apps to Android

Technical Expertise

Languages: Java, Objective-C, J#, Visual BASIC and Visual C
Software: Android SDK, X coder, Microsoft Visual Studio, Blackberry SDK, Sencha
Apps for Ecommerce websites
Frameworks: .NET, Phone Gap
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, LINUX, UNIX

At OnDemand , we work to make mobile applications one of a kind with an intuitive user interface and speedy performance. Our highly skilled and enthusiastic set of mobile application development is intimately familiar with the latest fads in the technology and will always help you get that edge over your competitors with the latest cutting edge technology. We provide end to end flexible advanced application development solutions and services. With experienced developers for all popular mobile application development platforms, OnDemand is your ticket to getting the complete solution package in one go


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Mobile Web Development

People are slowly moving away from laptops and personal computers. Mobility is the new mantra. People want to be able to do everything on the go. For this reason mobile phones have quickly become the preferred tool of choice for connecting to the internet and getting most things done. These days it is possible to make purchases, book tickets, conduct banking and keep in touch with all your loved ones from within your mobile phones. Mobile phones are becoming more powerful and capable by the day. People use mobile phones to access the web more than their laptops. For businesses, this growing shift towards the mobile devices means that they need to optimise their websites for mobile phones.

Mobile phones typically have small screens and slower data connections than laptops. It is therefore necessary that websites be configured to display an optimized version whenever they are accessed on mobile phones. Not only does this make the websites more user friendly and easy to use, it also decreases the overall loading time of the websites and customers have to wait less to use their services. Mobile phones, if properly utilized, are a powerful medium to connect with any service worldwide while on the move. Most organizations would want to reach their customers instantly with their products and services, thus it becomes increasingly important to have experts who can optimise websites for mobile devices.

At OnDemand , we are intimately familiar with the secrets of mobile web application development, user experience (UX) design, and especially, with all issues that UI implementation usually cause that working with mobile phones present

Dealing with the difference in screen size of a PC and a phone
Incompatibility of the layouts and format of all the web pages on the Internet with mobile devices
Optimization of web content to make loading of websites faster for mobile phones

We create websites optimized smart phones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry which are flawlessly rendered in all major phone browsers like Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Dolphin, Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, Firefox Mobile, Sky fire, and Microsoft IE for Mobile etc.

OnDemand ’s Technical Expertise with Mobile Web Development

At OnDemand , we provide compatible mobile web applications which will be displayed exactly as they are meant to be rendered on a wide variety of Smartphone’s that are available today. We create content for iPhones and ensure that Flash Content is rendered using HTML5 since iOS doesn’t support Flash.

Our Suite of Mobile Web Development Solutions Has the Following Items:

Adaptation of regular websites for mobile users
Mobile based commerce services
HTML 5 based mobile application and website development
Social networking sites and apps implementation for Smartphone’s
Custom mobile websites for businesses

Our team of experienced mobile developers works with multiple programming languages and the latest technologies to provide you with the very best solutions for your business. We make an effort to keep up with the latest shifts in the technology and use the latest tools that are available to deliver only the best services to you.

Languages: HTML5, Java, C, Objective-C, J#
Platforms: Android, iPhones (iOS6), Blackberry and Windows OS7 Phone
Mobile Browsers: Google Chrome for Mobile, Firefox Mobile, Apple Safari, Opera, Dolphin, Sky Fire

HTML5 is the new standard for HTML. It isn’t dependent on Flash for interactive content. Websites created using HTML5 render the same on different browsers and there is no need for creating separate websites for iPhones which do not support Flash. Many features of HTML5 have been built with the consideration of being able to run on low-powered devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets.

Getting Your Business Future Ready With Mobile Optimized Content

Mobile websites are commonplace today. Everyone knows the anguish of trying to use a website on their phones and finding out that the business doesn’t have a mobile version of their websites Not only does it make the website look unattractive, it is also hard to use and reduces customer who often use only their mobile phones to connect to the internet. A major benefit of having mobile optimized websites is that you don’t need an app for every platform. Mobile websites can be deployed on all platforms simultaneously with minimal effort and are an easy way to make your services available to your customers on Smartphone’s without needing to shell out money for app development in case you’re a new company.

At OnDemand , we understand your need for a mobile website that works across hundreds of different phones that are available today, each having their own specifications. We create content that renders the same on all devices and provides a sense of uniformity to your business. We employ the latest technologies to offer you a solution that is perfect for you.


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Web Development

Web development is a broad term that encompasses all the work that is involved in creating a web site. Web development work can range from developing a simple static webpage containing only text, to some of the most complex web-based websites that have ever been created. With an ever increasing amount of consumers preferring to use the internet for their favorite businesses, it is important to have a web presence. Businesses often depend on the service they provide and the quality of their service. Having a website for your products means that feedbacks are instantaneous and changes can be quickly implemented to accommodate requests by your consumers. This interactive session with your customers ensure that you offer exactly what they need. This in turn will ensure that your business flourishes are more and more people hear about your product from satisfied customers and are drawn to your services.

At OnDemand , we make use of a number of popular web technologies to create content that is best suited to your needs. We create websites using .NET, PHP, Java, HTML5 and use state of the art software like MySQL, Microsoft Server, TomCat, and Apache to enable our solutions to function flawlessly.

OnDemand ’s Technical Expertise in Web Development

We employ several key technologies prominently used in web development today. Our developers understand the need of creating solutions that use the latest technologies for an overall more efficient product. Whether it's a small website for personal use or an extensive web application for a company with a lot of customers, we have consistently displayed our excellence when it comes to web development. We adapt the latest technologies into custom software packages that make our development process more efficient and error free. We always create solutions keeping in mind the future growth and expansion of the business and always account for scalability. We create highly innovative, simple to use, efficient solutions that make our client’s job a lot easier.

Technologies used: Java, .NET, PHP
Languages: PHP, Java Scripts, Perl, HTML5, Python, Visual BASIC, J#, CSS3
Application Servers: Tomcat 7.0.42, Apache 2.4.6 and JBoss 7.1
Databases: Oracle 9i, MySQL

We Consistently Create Top of the Line Services and Solutions and Our Key Development Focus Areas Include

Custom Website Development
Corporate Website Development
E-Commerce Development
Content Driven Website Development
API Integration
CMS Website Development
Website Redesign and Upgrade

We create customized websites for our clients that are unique and give their brand a new virtual identity. We provide the complete service, from development to hosting to make the entire process hassle free for our clients.

We also create extensive websites for our corporate clients, which require implementation of multiple technologies and extensive experience. Our team of developers love a challenge and like working with the latest technologies to make each product their best work.

Expand Your Business Opportunities With a Complete Web Presence

With the emerging trend of people conducting most of their business online, it is only logical to have your services on the internet. Not only is it easy to set up. The long term benefits of having a successful web presence is an immense. Your business gets promoted as a pro technology initiative and it draws younger customers to your product since they are the demography that uses the internet the most. The World Wide Web has become a major delivery platform for web development a variety of complex and sophisticated enterprise applications in several domains. Due to the growing demands of the web enabled services, the need for quality rich websites are on the rise. A website that contains the right blend of creativity, functionality and design can boost up the online presence of your business immensely. While we’re still far from the day when print advertising will be obsolete, an ever rising number of people are doing their browsing (and transactions) while on the move. So many people have switched to e-commerce that, depending on your company’s target demography, you could be losing out almost as much as half of the people your business would want to be connected with.

At OnDemand , we offer extensive end to end services that make the process of development as streamlined as possible. We’ve created proprietary packages that drastically reduce development time and minimize errors. With the experience of our development staff we are able to offer you a solution that suits your needs the best.


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Web Design

With millions of websites that are on the World Wide Web, it takes more than just a brilliant idea to succeed. Your product has to stand out from the rest of your competitors who are offering the same services. Fortunately, there’s a secret weapon that less than 1% of all websites use. The thing many developers overlook is design. From a look and feel that instantly engages your users, to a logo that makes your company name a visual treat that they’ll never forget, when you focus on brilliant and innovative design, your product itself becomes your marketing strategy, and your customers transform into a walking talking billboard who will refer your product to their friends. Great design allows us to deliver the highest quality end project on your deadline, and well within your budget.

At OnDemand , we understand your need to have a product that stands out. We create products with innovative, eye catching and unique website designs to showcase your business on the web. We offer total web design and development services to allow you a competitive edge amidst all the competition in today’s world. We understand that no two businesses are same and that their target audience can vastly differ. We perform extensive case studies to understand the demography of your product and make use of a design that is known to attract them. For us, web design is much more than just creating a site with a good color combination. A great design is only noticed when something isn’t working. It’s our job to make sure that your product works flawlessly on different platforms and the design rendering is consistent. We also offer website revamp, which are usually suited for old sites, or sites that can use a facelift as they are not aligned with the company’s overall online marketing strategy.

OnDemand ’s Expertise With Web Design

There is more to designing than just color coordination. A great design draws the user in and makes using the website a delight. We have a team of designers who excel at understanding your needs and creating a design that is perfect for your product. Our design services include

Online Brand Development
UX Design
Information Architecture Design
Website Design
Web Application User Interface Design
Email Design
Mobile Web Design
Responsive Web Design
HTML5 based animation

It can be difficult for a new company to build online costumers and get recognized amidst the crowd of similar looking websites that provide the same services. A great design makes you stand out and helps you get noticed.

HTML5 refers to the new standard of HTML along with CSS3 and Java Scripts. It allows for faster optimization and a consistent UI that renders the same on all HTML5 compliant browsers.

Responsive We Design is a relatively new concept. It was primarily designed to deal with the issue of making a website render properly on multiple devices with a lot of different screen sizes and resolutions. Responsive Web Design is based on CSS3. It is aimed at creating sites that provide an optimal viewing experience irrespective of screen resolution and device type. It incorporates easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and panning required for a wide range of devices. It allows you to create a single page and specify how it should reformat for various screen sizes. RWD makes use of CSS3 Media Query to check browser specifications and loads the webpage accordingly.

At OnDemand , we know that a good design can be the difference between a visitor and a customer. Our graphic designers have a thorough understanding of production and rendering methods and will ensure that you never miss out on a customer because of a poorly designed product.

Design – The Difference Detween a Good Product and a Great Product

Design needs to be visual. It must not interfere with the product details and it should be intuitive. The design should be self-explanatory and cause no confusion in the users mind. A great design not only makes a product stand out, it also increases your chances of turning a visitor into a lifelong customer.

At OnDemand , we consistently strive to offer world class services to our clients without charging an exorbitant price for it. We offer a complete web development service that includes everything from designing to development and maintenance. Our comprehensive services make sure that you can sit back and relax as we take care of your product and give you an excellent solution that integrates well with your existing business model.


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E-commerce or electronic commerce is the process of buying or selling something over the internet. It is a rapidly emerging market globally and has much potential for growth. As more and more people are gaining access to the internet and mobile devices that are connected to the internet are getting common place, conducting business online is a new avenue where a few have already succeeded. E-commerce is currently a 200 billion dollar industry and it is still rapidly growing.

At OnDemand , we design e-commerce solutions that you require. We will help you choose the optimal solution for your business and then build it up to your specifications. We have an experienced group of developers who specialize in creating e-commerce websites. We create robust and flexible e-commerce websites which include extensive search engine optimization and marketing tools that increase your online sales.

OnDemand ’s Expertise With E-commerce

At OnDemand , we have compiled a package of tools that make developing of e-commerce websites an extremely streamlined process. We handle everything from creating the website to providing you a payment gateway of your choice. We have an experienced staff well versed with the popular e-commerce development frameworks. The most common e-commerce frameworks that we use are

Os Commerce
Open Cart
Zen Cart

We design professionally customized design layouts that are made specific to your requirements. We also offer support for multiple payment gateways and ensure the highest standards of security.

Some of the Services that We Offer are

Payment processing
Search function for your inventory catalogue
Content Management
Customized design
Shopping Cart
Order Management
Security implementation for customer records

Payment gateways are provided by banks and third party vendors for a fee. They allow a consumer to book an item online and pay for it electronically using their credit cards. These payment gateways are highly secure and utilize enterprise scale security and encryption to ensure that credit card information is never leaked.

E-commerce websites usually have a huge catalogue of products. There needs to some sort of searching mechanism for finding the product that the consumer is looking for. Products are usually divided into several categories to make sorting and searching shorter. J Query is the preferred method for searching products with databases that are average in size.

Design is an important aspect of any website. An e-commerce website needs to look professional and yet simple. We have a dedicated team of designers who will design the site as per your requirements.

Shopping cart is a common name for the system that keeps track of all the items that you want to purchase and their quantity while you browse other items. Shopping carts are a common feature of e-commerce websites and have a familiar and intuitive design.

There needs to be detailed record of all the products that were ordered, billing information, payments made, orders cancelled, payments refunded, shipment status of products and their tracking information. These records need to be constantly updated and securely stored.

E-commerce websites usually offer a customer to store partial banking information like credit card numbers or bank account numbers on the website for future convenience. They also save their names, phone numbers, billing addresses and email ids. This information is highly confidential and a company that can’t keep this info secure will not only fail as a successful business venture, it will also face numerous litigation charges by consumers whose information got leaked and caused them monetary harm. Thus it is of utmost importance to securely store this information in encrypted archives.

Take Your Business Online With Our Expertise in E-commerce

It is easy to start your own online business or expand your business e-commerce. It opens up new avenues for you and is easier and cheaper to set up than conventional business models. It is a growing industry where new e-commerce sites are emerging every day. Get a head start on your dreams and become a successful entrepreneur.

Advantages of E-commerce

Vast consumer base.
Customer records are electronic and easy to manage.
The middle man is eliminated, reducing costs.
Cheap to implement and maintain compared to the traditional business model.
Overcome Geographical Limitations.
Eliminate Travel Time and Cost.
Provide Comparison Shopping.
Open 24 x 7.
Customizable delivery features.
Testimonials/ product reviews help you know how to make the service better.
No need to set up a physical office. Can work out of warehouses.
Easy to start and manage a business.

At OnDemand , we have the technical proficiency to turn your dreams into a reality. We create e-commerce websites exactly as per our client’s specifications and turn into a streamlined solution that work flawlessly. Our groups of developers have extensive experience of creating and managing e-commerce websites and use this experience to create best in the market products that are in your budget.

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OnDemand Web Solution is an USA-based IT firm delivering with high quality and cost effective.